Private Charge


Personal Use

It is the ideal low-cost solution for personal use.


Usage Reports

Charging times, used electricity amount and cost reports can be obtained instantly at


Fast Charging

It can charge up to 8 times faster than a wall socket and provides enough power to travel 100+ km in one hour of charging.


Type 2 Socket

Voltrun Personal charging stations have Type 2 sockets.

Voltrun Personal

Thank you for your interest in Voltrun electric vehicle charging units. Please fill in the following form and let us know the station features you would like to buy.


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Central Management

Thanks to the remote management feature of Voltrun Personal, charging start / end, locking, time-dependent operations can be performed.


Internet Connection

Voltrun Personal automatically receives firmware updates via internet connection, so it is always up to date.


Compatible With All EVs

It is compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that comply with the EN61851 standard accepted by EMEA countries.


Different Color Options

Standard blue, green, orange colors are available. It can be requested in different colors upon request.