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The biggest advantages of electric vehicles compared to gasoline and diesel powered vehicles can be summarized as being able to travel the same route at a more affordable cost, lack of noisy engines, less environmental impact, low periodic maintenance costs, and a long part replacement period. In addition to these, in the event of a possible accident, the possibility of vehicles burning and explosion decreases.

Turkey in electric vehicle models are sold and offered for sale in these models is increasing with each passing day: the BMW i3, the BMW i8, Renault Fluence, Renault Twizy, Renault Zoe, the Volvo XC90 Hybrid.

Electric Vehicle Drivers

Voltrun is the registered electric vehicle charging station network name of Zebra Elektronik A.S. Voltrun members can charge their electric vehicles with one account at all Voltrun and partner charging stations.

You can open Voltrun membership account immediately by clicking the "Sign-up" button on the home page and filling out the relevant form.

Voltrun members have to pay a membership fee in order to use stations in the Voltrun network and to benefit from other value-added services. Voltrun members can choose from two different membership types, "pay as you go" and "subscription". Pay-as-you-go members pay a charge start fee per charge transaction, while subscriber pay a fixed monthly fee for an unlimited number of charge starts.

With your Voltrun membership, you can charge at all public Voltrun charging stations or other stations with which Voltrun has a roaming agreement. An invoice for the transactions you have performed will be sent to you at the end of each month.

You can reach charging stations on the map on our internet portal or through our mobile applications.

Of course! You can request a station or become a station operator by filling out the station request form.

You can start your charging process by scanning the RFID card given to you with your membership, at the station. In addition, if your RFID card is not with you, you can start charging from our mobile applications.

Charging costs are determined by the location owners and consist of two items. Service charge: Refers to the charge for providing the duration of charging service. Energy cost: It is determined depending on the electricity subscription of the location owner. This price cannot be higher than the retail sale tariff cap determined by local authority. Location owners can discount service and energy costs for all users or certain users with discount campaigns on their own initiative. All charge related fees can be viewed by clicking on the station icon on our map.

When opening a Voltrun member account or after opening your member account, you can request a card by clicking the "My Account" link.

You can activate your Voltrun cards by logging into your membership account. You can also assign it to the users registered under your account.

Station Operators

Since the location owners can determine the service fees they will receive from the charging process, they control their own profitability rates. Although, it will vary according to the service fees to be determined, a charger unit that has a reasonable service fee and is used every day can easily pay its own investment in 2-3 years.

Just ask! You can send your request to us by filling out the station operator request form.

All Voltrun stations can be managed through internet portal via the username and password that will be given to you. You can set tariffs for all your stations, view charging transactions, check your balance, and receive payments.

All publicly defined stations can be viewed on the map.

Only certain users are allowed to charge at private stations. For example, a company may operate a station for the use of its own employees only, or a building management may operate a station solely for the use of its residents. These stations do not appear under public stations on the Voltrun charge map. In public stations, all Voltrun members can charge without any user restrictions.

Station operators can define tariff groups from the "Tariffs" menu in the account management panel and then assign these tariff groups to the stations they own. They can also enter a discount rate over the energy cost if they wish.