How Does the System Work?

Voltrun Portal

By combining our software applications with our station network management system, we make it possible for station owners to control their stations, access usage reports and collect station fees wherever there is an internet connection.


Access policies can be specified for different stations. In addition, user access lists can be created, managed and updated.

Tariff Flexibility

The system, which works on the cloud, provides flexibility to businesses in determining the usage costs of their charging stations. Station operators can easily access the reports they need and receive payments quickly through the system.



Charging costs, charging times and the amount of electricity used can be reported in detail through graphics and tables for all stations.

Software Update

The charging station software can be updated by remote access.

How Does the System Work?

Voltrun is a brand of "Electric Vehicle Charging Station Network". The purpose of Voltrun's network is to create a charging eco-system for electric vehicles, providing electric vehicle owners with a fast and reliable charging infrastructure as well as providing other added value services.

Voltrun's charge eco-system has the following main units:

Electric Vehicle Owners


Central Network Management

All Voltrun stations are produced in accordance with the principles of "internet of things" and can be centrally managed. This central management brings many advantages. For example:

- Stations are remotely monitored to check whether they work properly or not.
- Due to the developing technology and changing standards, the stations' software needs updating. Automatic updates are made at all Voltrun stations that are connected to the internet.
- Users can be helped remotely when they encounter a problem (eg losing a member card, etc.).
- Users or operators can monitor the process through Voltrun Portal or mobile phone applications while charging.
- Charge history, invoices and other information can be accessed via "Voltrun Portal". Additionally, reservation, charge scheduling, smart charging operations can be done.
- Members can benefit from campaigns at certain stations.


Charging Units

In the Voltrun network, the chargers are divided into two: stations for "Private" use and stations for "Public / Semi-Public" use.

Private use units are generally established to meet the charging needs of individuals only for their own vehicles. There is no need for identification or fee tracking at these units. These are "Voltrun Personal" chargers.

Public / Semi-Public use stations are installed to provide charging services and make potential profits for legal entities (building management, commercial company, public institution, etc.) or only to keep track of consumptions per user in common areas. Fees are monitored for identification and charging at these units. These are "Voltrun Commercial" chargers.

Voltrun Commercial charging units are always connected to the network in order to track identity and fee. Voltrun Personal chargers, on the other hand, can operate without being connected to the network at the request of the owner.


Charging Station Owners / Operators

They are the people who buy the chargers and provide space for their installation.

Voltrun Personal owners use the chargers they purchase for personal use to charge their vehicles. They can monitor their consumptions on Voltrun Portal and also control their charging operations through the Voltrun Portal.


Voltrun Commercial unit owners are referred to as "station operator". Station operators can follow up the charging processes taking place at their stations and make profit from these transactions.
In Voltrun's station network, each station operator is free to determine the fee to be collected over the station on Voltrun Portal. There are two types of charging charges: Electricity charge and Duration charge. Sometimes the electricity fees are capped by the local authorities. This can be set on Voltrun Portal. The time fee can be determined over the minutes used, and it is determined only by the station operator. The sum of both fees determines the charging process fee.


Electric Vehicle Owners

Electric vehicle owners can charge their vehicles at suitable Voltrun stations. At personal stations (which are usually their own chargers) they do not pay any fees, only the station owner pays the electricity bill to the electricity supply company he/she normally subscribes to. Charging at Voltrun Commercial stations is subject to charging fees. In addition to the charging fee determined by the station owner, Votrun members pay a membership fee by choosing one of the membership options. However, do not worry, even with all these fees, using an electric vehicle as a member of Voltrun is much more economical compared to using an internal combustion engine vehicle. Click for detailed information and comparison chart about membership packages.


Voltrun members receive a single invoice at the end of each month for all the charges they have performed in that month. Members can pay their bills by credit cards on the Voltrun Portal.

It is possible to charge at Voltrun Commercial stations with a smart phone and credit card without being a Voltrun member. However, more advantageous prices are offered to members.


Electricity Supply Company

Station owners are responsible for the electricity supplied to the stations. For this, they pay the price of the electricity realized during the charging process to the electricity supply company they have contracted with. This will usually be included in the electricity bill of the building where the charging stations are installed and a separate subscription is not required.